Furniture Reupholstery Services

Let Childress Fabrics & Furniture bring your upholstered furniture back to its former magnificence with our reupholstery services. Dallas, TX-based upholsterers are true artisans that have years of expertise in reupholstering.

Our furniture reupholstery process involves a thorough inspection of the chair or sofa frame before we can quote a price. We're checking for any wear and tear to the wood frame that might prevent reupholstery. We need to see if the quality of the furniture's construction merits reupholstering or if it's scrap wood for a campfire.

If you are local to the DFW area bring us a photo of the furniture you want to reupholster as well as the dimensions to one of our two stores located in Addison and downtown Dallas, and we can tell you if your furniture is worthy of reupholstery and what it will cost.

These before and after photos are beautiful examples of our reupholstery services and show the excellent quality of our work.

Before Reupholstering Chairs 

 before furniture reupholstery

Chairs After Being Reupholstered 

Reupholstery after services are completed

While you are in our stores, pick out your upholstery fabric or full grain leather. Work on other interior design details such as:

  • Nailheads and decorative Trim

  • Change the finish to a different color

  • Change the softness of the cushions

  • Create the perfect decorative throw pillows

  • Check out our custom bedding and drapery panels

Shop aisles of in-stock fabric in our stores at wholesale prices as well as special order pricing from other wholesale distributors. We carry every type of fabric, so your fabric choices are virtually limitless.

Aisles of in stock Fabric in Dallas Photo

Please note that reupholstery is refurbishing all of the internal parts that need it including cushioning and the internal parts. This is different from recovering furniture which means only applying the covering. So keep in mind that there are other expenses beyond the cost of the fabric when reupholstering your sofa or chair frame.

If you are unsure whether your furniture is a candidate for reupholstery you need to know what is considered a quality construction. Keep in mind there are levels of complexity as a sleeper sofa frame is a bit more complicated than dining chairs.


A high-quality sofa frame construction would be a kiln-dried solid hardwood frame. Sometimes manufacturers will use plywood which is acceptable in most cases. The joints are secured, double dowelled, glued, screwed together, (instead of stapled), and corner-blocked for added stability.


A good indicator of a well-made high-end sofa or chair is the suspension, so check to see if it is made with 8-way hand-tied springs. If it's 8-way hand-tied most likely a great candidate for upholstery and from a luxury furniture brand.

Check out the picture of the wingback chair as an example of what an 8-way hand-tied suspension looks like. However, there are exceptions such as guest chairs for a home office or dining room chairs where the thickness of the cushion makes 8-way hand-tied impractical.

8-way Hand-tied suspension in a chair

Why it is important to reupholster furniture?

Now that you know a few things about high-end furniture, let's consider some of the reasons why it's important to repair and restore it:

  • The vast majority of upholstery in furniture stores today is mass-produced in factories in China, and the frames are not structurally built to last. No matter if it's a chair that is upholstered in fabric or a leather sofa, living room furniture shoppers are limited to a hand full of colors to get efficiencies in the manufacturing process. It is rarely a suitable option for furniture repair, and it is important to keep that in mind if you are in the market for a new couch!

  • Reupholstery is environmentally friendly and helps the planet by minimizing pollution. By this logic, you get a high-quality piece of furniture by repurposing solid hardwood frames, but you'll also be contributing to the conservation of the planet's resources.​

  • Even components like upholstery fabric and leather are being held up by the supply-chain issues that the US is suffering as a result of COVID. This is a major concern since many furniture manufacturers that do business with China are experiencing delivery delays that are months longer than a year ago.​

  • The furniture's frame is in excellent condition, but the upholstery needs to be repaired or you want new fabric or quality leather to stay up with the latest designs, colors, and fashion trends in home decor. It's like getting new custom furniture with designer fabric for your living space.

Is it expensive to reupholster?

It is more affordable than many people realize to reupholster vs buying new furniture, especially in today's marketplace. The price of raw materials such as lumber skyrocketed in 2021 and became scarce increasing the cost of new furniture if you can get it.


In 2022 the home furnishing market is experiencing huge increases in dacron polyester as well as down feathers. The cost of materials has increased more than the cost of labor, which means that it is significantly more cost-effective to reupholster furniture as opposed to purchasing brand-new pieces.

The convenience of our pick-up and delivery service

Childress Fabrics & Furniture offers pick-up and delivery services to its customers, with the goal of making all of the furniture upholstery services we provide as simple and hassle-free as is humanly possible.

Come visit our stores to check out some great fabric options and learn more about our reupholstery service that can have your old furniture looking new in no time!​